Black Friday Sale on the 6TB Cloud and 6TB My Book

Although I have 3 x 4TB Cloluds and 3 x 4TB My books, I have been keeping an eye on the 6TB pair and lo and behold the 6TB cloud has dropped its price for Black friday down to $269 from its previous on sale price of $329.

I would like to get back to a simpler life of one cloud, one my book instead of my files being divided amongst 2 clouds with the 3rd for testing.

I’ll probably make this purchase tomorrow regardless and as long as the boxes remains unopened, I am able to return my purchase (open hard drives in canada unless defective are not refundable), but I thought I would post this up to see if there are any additional thoughts to sway me either way to keep or to return my purchases.

I don’t need the 6TB pair, but it would be nice to have only a single cloud again. The other problem given whether or not my 4TB clouds are re-saleable on craigslist as I’ve seen 4TB My Clouds sitting on Craigslist for months on end without anyone buying. Thus I might be stuck with a pair of 6TB cloud and my book along with 3 x 4TB cloud and my books.


I cannot justified buying it… still on the fence on heading to best buy or not. Thoughts?

Tell,if you open up the box with the new My Cloud then you’ll be able to have most of not all of your stuff backed up on a NAS that can take over from a failed NAS.

I cannot justified buying it.

I think you’ve answered your own question…

Hard drive bits/buck is still rising. Save the money until you need the storage, when you’ll get more for your money.

Black Friday discounts only come once a year. What if one of your drives fails before bits/buck has made retail prices fall to the same level?

[evil grin]

Ah, $269?? How about about $229 at Best Buy:

not sure if you said what you said… but “yeah sure” :stuck_out_tongue: All my stuff on “ONE” Cloud right?

Actually I waited for the price to fall since last year when they introduced the 6TB. Just saying that I did wait… and waited and waited… and now that the price has fallen… I don’t really need it, do I?

alas, I’m Canadian with the lower dollar thus $269 is probably the best I can get.

So anyways, I am always the guy that never says “No” to a door knocking or opportunity. After all I waited for a year for the price to drop below $300 in Canada and now that the price has dropped, it was time for me to be pro-active, show fate that I meant my words “If the price drops, I’ll be there to buy it”.

So I was there… there were 3 empty showcase boxes on the shelf thereby I thought there should be 3 in stock. So I picked up the pair of empty showcase boxes, the 6TB My Book on sale for $249 and the Cloud $269 and lined up at the busy tech counter.

Five Minutes in, an older Best Buy tech nodded at me from behind the hole in the wall and I waved the two boxes and mouthed the words 6TB and he nodded and proceeded to climb up chairs to look at the wall shelf, then peered beneath the counter. I had this feeling that it wasn’t meant to be. I was here and fate didn’t deliver.

After many minutes of searching, he was clicking on the computer searching for the product and finally he comes out to tell me that they don’t have a white model. You don’t have a white Cloud? but all Clouds are white I said. He shook his head and said "he meant he didn’t have the Cloud but he had the 6TB My Book in stock which is black. Oh ok, but I want both or none, so are you able to give me a rain check on these items? He said sure and proceeded to try to order them online for me, but he couldn’t, so he took me up to the order counter and told this very busy clerk to process this order for me and left me there. So I didn’t want to seem that I was butting in line, I went to the back of the line to wait my turn…

While waiting… another guy walks in from the side and lined up in front of me…

err… so I waited five minutes more and heard the employee explains that “Black Friday prices are for today only”. Not knowing what that other customer problem, I had a suspicion that this rain check thing is going to require some explanation and haggling…

so seeing that someone had already butted in… and the long line up was not going my way… I left

without buying anything.

I will just have to make do with my 3x4TB clouds or buy a QNap 451 to unite all the red 4tb drives together into a 12TB raid 5.

I will now delete my 6TB cloud entry from my to-do list to disable all these unwanted first world problems of buying unnecessary toys.

Many thanks for the feedback…

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Geez, I thought that I had a bad day at the grocery store where the clerk short changed me but after 15 minutes got that corrected only to get home to find out that my Fitbit One fitness tracker popped off my pocket which digging for coins in the store! Luckily, I called, they found it but I just had to make another trip.

I once left a set of BFO SDS masonry drill bits by the self checkout in a supermarket, late one night. The staff were amused when I returned for them next day; they didn’t know what they were…

It is good when things work out.

I think we need pics to demonstrate this amusement :stuck_out_tongue:

One cloud is cool, but if you have two or three then that’s good. Say Your main one cloud fails then you have access to a backup while you get your one cloud working again. I have a NAS that configured for RAID5, but the enclosure fails I can fall back on two NASs I’ve got.

Having something to back-up to is always good.

Totally agree which is why I have 3 kids too; one of them is bound to look after me when I get really old :stuck_out_tongue:

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