Black 640GB Issues

Greetings all,

I had bought a pair of the Black 640gb internal HD.  I have loved them.  My setup is 1 is my OS drive, the other is my Games drive.  This setup has worked fine for over one year.  Recently I bought an additional WD Green 2 TB HD, & then began having some issues on the Games drive.  Windows on startup is running checkdisk frequently on it (games drive, AKA G drive) & reporting errors (I didn’t write them down).  While playing Fable Lost Chapters, it now laggs signifigantly (see below to see my hardware specs) whereas it had not lagged at all previously.  It gives crazy draw issues the first time coming in to a area, until it completes the “loading” of the area.  I also have signifigant delays in loading of any games on the G drive (Dragon Age: Origins & Mass Effect 1/2).  I began to run the DLGDIAG on it, but it is reporting that it will be over 800 hours for the test to complete on an extended scan (passed the quick test).

So, my question is, what could this be?  I appreciate any & all assistance.


I7 820

12gb ram

2x 2TB WD Green

2x640gm WD Black (OS & G)

2x1TB Seagate

1x1.5TB Seagate (won’t ever by again)

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.