BIOS start slowed down by MyPassport 2TB

Hi there,

the problem:

When MyPassport is connected to my USB port during a system boot or wake up after hibernate, the BIOS start up takes up to two minutes instead of about 5 seconds.

What I did/know so far:
Move the external drive out of the boot order in the BIOS (In my BIOS I can disable/delete devices from my bootorder list)  -> no change, so it is not trying to boot from the external drive.

I am not able to disable USB Legacy or USB Emulator, so I wanted to update my BIOS but this failed (using USB boot stick with new BIOS on it and with WinPhlash64). I almost died trying, so lets assume a BIOS update is not possible.

Perhaps someone knows if an update would do any help: 
Current Version (Phoenix v3121)
Newest Version (Phoenix v3238)

I do not want to unplug the external drive every time I start my computer. This is not an acceptable solution.

Are there any other approaches to solve this problem which I did not see so far?

Additional system information:

Betriebssystemname: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
Systemhersteller: Acer, inc.
Systemmodell: Aspire 6930G
Systemtyp: x64-based PC
BIOS-Version: Acer v0.3121, 12.09.2008

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Hello, try connecting the Passport to another PC to see if the same problem happens. Also try running a DLG test to see if the Passport has any problems. 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows