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I know its something and nothing as the saying goes but i just wondered is the menu background poor and pixalated on every connection Eg: component, hdmi, atm i’m using composite and it really looks bad untill a file plays in the preview mode box (that tiny screen on right) then it smoothes out a bit and dont look too bad i cant believe after 2/3 years this is best they can do. a black bg would look better also does anyone no if its possible to change it. i thought it would be in setting summat simple like background themes

Ikbaa,  what you’re describing was fixed several frimware revisions ago.

I don’t remember what version introduced the bug (I think it was 1.04.xx or something) where the colorspace of the UI was bad, but then it would change to “Normal” when a video started.

Tony, this is my second wd tv live unit. if you remember i posted a thread thinking it was a unit fault then got a new replacement from shop i purchased it from and its still the same :confused: heres some pics its not so bad though in real day light as night light

pixalation 1

pixalation 2

no pixalation

Well, what you’re showing is quite normal for composite.  

Composite is 480 interlaced (in NTSC territory, in PAL it’s 576), so in essence there’s only 240 scan lines shown at any one time.   

Compare that to 1080p which is more than 4 times the vertical resolution…

Plus, Composite has no Chroma/Luma separatation, so you get artifacts that resemble “ghosting” when images are high contrast (such as the UI).

Component video, at a minimum, doubles the vertical resolution versus composite because it’s progressive scan, and it separates out the Chroma / Luma into three different channels, eliminating the Composite artifacts.

So, I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referencing.

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