BEWARE: photo backup from Android does not back up all photos!

If you have an Android device and have set up the My Cloud app to back up your photos, you are very likely losing many of your photos.

If you delete the most recent photo on your Android device, the next photo you take will not get backed up. This is because the new photo gets the same name as the deleted photo and My Cloud mistakenly thinks the new photo has already been backed it up.

I have contacted WD support and they have confirmed that this is the current behaviour of My Cloud. They gave no indication that they were taking steps to fix it.

Change your Android camera app, or app settings. My camera app creates files that are a millisecond precision timestamp (e.g. IMG_20171015_114948824.jpg), so file names are never duplicated. If your camera app uses DCIM file naming convention (based on an 8-character FAT16 name format), it may re-use filenames.

Thanks for the tip! I have installed an app called “DSC auto rename” to automatically add timestamps to the file names, and that fixes the problem.