Between Mybook Essential 3.5" and other 2.5" reliability

Dear Western Digital Community users…

my name is kungfupanda. i’m from south east asia. in my country, 3.5" external 1 tera costs like $100 while the 2 tera costs $120-ish.

Mybook essential 2 tera 3.5" costs $127 here. So the gigs/dollar is way cheaper than the 1 tera.

I am aware that hard drive will fail someday. However, when i read the review of western digital mybook essential 3.5", i read many not-so-positive reviews regarding it’s usage failure after a couple of months. be it from the drive itself, or the plugs enclosure problem stuff, and other things.

I have a question if you guys don’t mind answering…

  1. I am just using it for backup. I am not going to bring it around, i dont need portability. I, however, need reliability.

Is it better to buy 3.5" or 2.5" if i aim for reliability?

  1. What’s the difference between mybook essential 3.5" and elements 3.5" in terms of which one is more reliable?

  2. When i purchase the hard drive, should i format it beforehand? Does all external hard drive default format FAT and we have to quick format ourselves to NTFS?

I have ADATA 2.5" external HDD. it was FAT. i had to format it myself to become NTFS. How about WD external 3.5" line?

Also, if i quick format, what will happen to the software inside? (i understand that mybook essential have software inside no?)

thank you very much for you guys answer… :slight_smile:

have a blessed week


Hi, Mr Panda, the reality is that if you look you can find bad reviews about any product on the internet, it’s a lot more useful if you just check the the average review score on any famous web page.

  1. In my experience they are the same, but since one is portable is more prone to being dropped.

  2. The biggest difference is that the my book is designed with more features in mind, like automatic backup and password protection, the elements is just a copy and paste simple to use hard drive.

  3. I do, but is not really necessary :wink:, they come formatted in NTFS. If you format the my book it will of course delete the software that it has inside, but you can always download it again.

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