Better to leave idle or power off?

I have a WD TV Live Plus connected to a Seagate Freeagent GoFlex 3TB external hard drive. I’ve tried searching but haven’t found a definitive answer about best practices when the Live Plus is not in use. Should I turn it off (using the remote’s power button–which I understand does not completely power of the device) or just leave it at the homescreen until I’m ready to use it again?

It would be nice to leave it on continuously because it takes between 5-10 minutes to recognize and provide access to the hard drive if I turn it off, but I don’t want to overheat the Live Plus or the hard drive. Any insight would be really helpful.

You will get a lot of differing opinions. I’ll go first:  The answer is:  It depends.

It depends on how you use it.  If you just watch movies on it, turn it off afterwards.  If you use it like I do; for more than movies, then keep it on.  For example, all my iTunes music is on a hard disk connected to my Live Plus, and I listen to it all day long.  If I don’t want to listen to my music, I switch over to TuneIn Radio, and listen to music from anywhere in the world.  If I want to watch a video, well, they are on a hard drive connected to the Live Plus, too.  Then, there is Netflix . . . .  Maybe someone in the house wants to access some media on the drives from a computer in another part of the house, or I want to send some new files through the network to the Live Plus, etc, etc, etc. The point is, a WDTV  is designed to be used, it does lots of things, and I send it through its paces everyday.

Since I eventually go to bed; what the heck, I turn if off until morning when I turn it back on for the day.  Why waste electricity while asleep?  Anyway, turning it off once in a while (especially pulling the power) is a “reboot” that often clears out any problems that were present when it comes back on.

Some will say it is better to keep it on all day, some will say not to.  The reality is:  use it, but don’t abuse it ; (i.e. keep it ventilated and cool as possible, and don’t crowd lots of junk around it so it can’t cool properly.  If you use it frequently, it will still last quite a long time, and you will have gotten your money’s worth uf and when it dies.  Then, just get another.  It is not a real expensive gadget to replace every few years if necessary.  And besides, the next one you buy will do more and cost the same – or less!

About the hard drives:  my hard drives go to sleep (stop spinning) after a few minutes of non-use, but are on stand-by and spin right up again in a moment, ready to go while the WDTV is left on.  If your HD doesn’t go to a standby condition, then for sure turn it off to save them from wearing out; they cost more than the WDTV in many cases, and they are mechanical; not just electical like a WDTV

Thanks. Sounds like I will turn it off when not in use since I don’t use it nearly as much. I’m curious though, when you first power yours on, does it take a while for it to recognize your hard drive(s)? It may be because I’m using a large capacity hard drive, but it takes almost 10 minutes before I can really do anything outside of access internet content, which stinks if I’m ready to watch a movie. It’s not a ton of time in the grand scheme and certainly not a deal breaker, just a minor annoyance.

When I turn the Live Plus back on, it takes a minute or so for the main menu to show, and perhaps a minute or less after that the drives have completed being re-read and all is ready to go again.  I know others have complained about their drives taking a long time to be accessed and read, but I have no proble,.  I have two, 2TB high speed (7200rpm) drives attached and all works fine for me. 

I have no good suggestion for when it takes longer for drive access, other than faster drives and to delete the library folder from the drive(s), shut down and restart.  The folders will be re-built, and hopefully if there was any gliches in the folders, the problem will clear up and things may run faster the next you restart.  The folder to delete is called:    .wd_tv

I periodically delete this folder to stay ahead of the curve for any potential problems.

try turning off that library setting… I did and it loads very quickly!