Better search functionallity (nearly GoTo, jump search)

I found a better search option within firmware Grin.

Just do a regular FF or REW

After it is starting to FastForward or REWind then push button |<< or >>|  PREV or NEXT button. (depending on direction)

Then time will skip around 8 to 10 minutes in both directions.

So it is a sort of quick search, but it is a small step in the right direction.

Using firmware: 1.03.01.

Just found this tip.


This has saved me chucking my WD HD TV in the bin. I edit HD DV on my PC then produce MPEG2 files onto my USB drive to watch on my Plasma HD Television using using the HD TV (quality excellent and saves having to invest in Bluray in order to watch HD home video).

It was driving me barmy having to FF through these files to pick up where we left off watching. I’d tried getting so-called chapter support with MKV files to work, but failed.

This FF then Skip gets me towards the end of the file very rapidly. It’s made my day (sad, really)!