Better quality thumbnails

Is there a way to get a better quality thumbnail picture for videos and folders? The .jpg files I have show fine on my PC but when I view them with the WD TV HD on my TV they are very poor quality. I have it connected with an HDMI cable.

Try this…

Worked for mine,  they look sharp on my 50 plasma

Tried it, but it doesnt really seem to help. They are still really blurry

Where are you getting the thumbnails from?

FYI, The actual displayed size of the thumbnails is 120x180 for video and 140x140 for photos/music.  For the music ‘now playing’ screen it’s 300x300.

I have standard images I got online. They are alot larger than 120x180, but they are still multiples of 120x180 (they are mostly 600x940)

Not quite sure if you found an answer but the following settings worked for me.

151px * 227px @ 72dpi with 100% of compression. You’ll end with a nice small thumbnail that won’t take too much room in your hard drive, just around 40KB

If you’re using Photoshop to save your thumbnails, use the save for web option with 100% compression quality so it would not reduce the image quality and these settings won’t take much room in your hard drive. it shows for me quite nice thumbnail quality.

I’m a graphic designer and there where the best settings I could find, and I’m a lot perfectionist. I think it looks great with these settings.

Give it a try…

If you have access to Netflix, you can always grab thumbnails from there. You can get either the 110x150 at around 8KB or the nicer 210x270 at around 18KB each.