Better Network capable Media device?

Are there any recommendations for a media playing device that is more compatible, or capable of dealing with standard basic Windows networks? I have a WDTV device and frankly I’m just not interested in troubleshooting it on a continual basis to determine endless network faults. It works one week, ceases to work the next. I don’t care about fixing it, but what I would be interested in is any advice on something with more robust networking capabilities. Are there any suggestions?

You expect advice on products by the competition? Really? BTW, I have zero network problems on my old and current WDTV and Win7.

I, too, haven’t any problems with my WD media player and Win 7 network.  I used to – until I fixed 'em.  Operator error – had nothing to do with robustness of media player or Windows networks.  All about not knowing enough about setting up a network at first.

But, since you said, “I don’t care about fixing it,”  I do have a recommendation for you:   Put your media player up for sale on eBay.  You are not the type of person who really needs one, because if you aren’t going to try and fix things (or even ask questions in the forum other than what you asked) and you imply the problems you have with Windows networks can be “cured” with another media player, then you haven’t the real interest in having a media player after all.  If you got a different media player, you network problems would still be there.  Media players and home networks are not for everyone.  You might be one of those people, and you know, that’s OK.

On the contrary Mike, I’ve worked network IT. I’ve got a home network that runs flawlessly for the other five systems connected to it, including a HTPC on another television. The issue is most certainly with the WDTV, as it does pick up some network shares, and actually switches which systems it can see over the network from time to time without any changes being made otherwise. The WDTV is simply garbage network wise, which is too bad because otherwise it’s a pretty robust little player. This is why I’m not really interested in screwing with it, I’ve spent far too much time adjusting a network that works perfectly well in all respects to try and accommodate the wishes of the ONE idiotic device that won’t play nice with the rest of it. As for why I would come here, I assume that this would be a place a huge number of people would come after experiencing the same sort of bs network problems, and perhaps other suggestions could be had.

There is something wrong with your network setup, plain and simple. (Unless, of course you have a defective WD unit, and in that case you need to contact WD support (which this isn’t) and get some resolution that way.)

You could also be having “master browser” problems.

As I have stated, my network is, like yours,  “perfect” also, except that my WD plays well with it.

Same here (as alreadymentioned above).