Better media access?

Hi, fellow “Clouders”.

Just got my MyCloud up and running. Testing the music streaming behaviour on the WD MC-app on my iPhone 4s. It’s doing quite well, a few hick-ups now and then, no biggie. I’m not using iTunes, don’t have that installed on my pc.

Can anyone recommend a (media-)file browser for iPhone, that lets you browse music albums without interrupting the current music being played (as the WD MC-app sadly does).

I’m planning to buy a speaker-iPhone docking station for the kitchen, so an app with a just slightly more sophisticated user interface would be nice.

Alternatively, can anyone recommend a stand-alone speaker system, that connects to WD MC, and has a touch screen for selecting media?

Any help would be great. 

Thanks in advance. 


On my Android phone I use poweramp, but unfortunately this app is not available for iOS, maybe some of the other users can share one that works for you.