Better HardDrives

Somebody posted this here.

I question as to why some of this has not already been implemented.

I looked at hard drives in the light of what parts of the pc slows it down.

What are the limits of disc based hard drives?

I found spin speed? Arm movement? maybe circuitry?
Size of the disk?

I read a few post on how it has been tried to make them faster.
Is it just cost or what is limiting hard drive manufacturers?


2 arms in a hard drive? both able to read and write at the same time?

Multiple arms so any part of the hard drive can be read from in the same amount of time?

Disc- Rotated from the outside keeping the center of the disc?

Magnetic rotation instead of motor based? mag lev stabilization?
Spinning and holding from outside/middle/inside of disc?
Or even roller/other based?

different kind of arms?
or no arm at all?
Arm that allows each layer of arm to be in whatever position from tension or other?
1 arm motor moves layer of head each head in set ways?

Strip/other going the whole length of hard drive able to read or write from entire disc surface at once?

*multiple arms/strips that do do don’t move to cover entire area.

Better aerodynamics inside of hard drive reduce friction?
Not just helium-- internal structure.
Increase speed from air flow produced?

Better heat disbursement?
Air flow in around hard drive?

Heat Sink?

Sealed area around disc…
Air flow around area in harddrive…
Reverse flow blow out dust?

Single surface that covers entire disc?
Be able to read or write from any part of disc at once?
Rotating or not?
Cones multiple read heads per cone/ mechanical/other redirect
for multiple locations?

head head
\ / \ _ /
\ / \_!_/switch
disc disc

Raid hard drives:
Can this already be done?
Half+ data on different parts of disc?
4x+/- with say 2TB drive with data placed along the disc repeated 4 times?
making 4x512gb with 4 spots to read from? 3 backups?

Also what is the limit in write speeds?
Multiple discs and heads on 1 arm?
Write each bit of data one after another on different disc?
Then put them together or however in down time?