Best WD HD for Home Theater

I’m looking to build a home theater system with WD Hard drives, but I’m unsure whether to use Green, Blue, Red, or Red Pro. I have the Silverstone R03 case that holds 10x 3.5" drives. I’m new to this and looking for any helpful feedback.

Thanks very much.

If you plan to have more drives in a RAID, consider to use WD Red (recommended for RAIDs up to 8 drives) or WD Red Pro (recommended for RAIDs with up to 16 drives).

The drive for operating system and programs should be a WD Black - or a SSD for OS and a WD Black for the programs.

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Recommended size black for OS and programs? Won’t be many programs at all.

Recommended size? Difficult to give any recommendations regarding sizes.
For making use of all the 8 bays below, you should consider a good hardware RAID controller

My choice is:

SSD: at least 250 or 256 GB, these models are really fast; faster than 128 GB versions.
HDD: 1 TB should be fine for OS and a bunch of programs.
RAID: RAID 10 gives 50% overall, RAID 5 gives N drives - 1 drive, RAID 6 gives N drives - 2 drives

Calculation by using all 10 bays :wink:

Bay 1: SSD for OS
Bay 2: HDD for programs

8 bays left for RAID storage (all 8 drives has to be the same capacity)

RAID 10 on 8 bays = capacity of 4 drives available
RAID 5 : 7 drives for capacity, one drive for parity
RAID 6 : 6 drives for capacity, two drives for parity

WD Black starts at 500 GB up to 6 TB.
WD Red is available from 1 TB to 6 TB

All good info and advice, but to keep things simple, get a WD NAS for storing all media files on. Media will easily be available for home theater, all mobile devices and computers in home, as well as be accessible away from home.

I suggest the DL series of My Cloud NAS, either DL2100 or DL4100, and get one that is pre-configured with the quantity and TB size of WD Red (NAS) drives for your current and possible future needs. (Example, my DL2100 has two, 4TB RED drives configured in RAID 1 array.)

If you need drives to run the home theater OS innards, quality, fast WD Black drives likely would do a great job.

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