Best way to copy files EX4100 <-> Ubuntu on LAN


I’m wanna also use my EX4100 with my Ubuntu device.
Which is the best way / protocol to easily moving around, renaming and deleting files on LAN?
Prefered for user created folders.

I tried NFS already, but created files from Ubuntu this way get the wrong user (nobody) and no write permissions for others (755/644). So you can’t delete/rename the files when you login with user xy from e.g. Win10.
When I use SMB I’m running into the same problem.

Does any one know a good way for this? Maybe some other protocol wich are deactivated on default on EX4100?

Thanks in advance.


Looking at the blurb on a public share, it should be working right :

“A share can be public so that all users can access the contents, or private to limit access to selected users.”