Best way to accomplish dual location video editing

Hey everyone, just registered here. I’ve had the ex2ultra for a few months, and it’s dutifully backing up my android phone pictures and videos, despite chucking all of them inside one big folder - it works.

I work with video editing as well. I am making some youtube videos and edit both at home and on a boat. The boat has wifi via 4g, and it’s soso speedwise, but i’m data capped at 100gigs, so could very easily go through that if I used the connection for transferring all my video files.

I have the ex2ultra at home, with a simple few folders for the videos.

My objective: use my laptop (windows) to edit videos from both at home and on the boat seamlessly. Maybe video files can be physical disks in person but video software files (small files) can live on dropbox? I figure for sure I’ll need to carry a physical device back and forth from the boat to home which is fine, however I’d prefer that device to be smaller/sleeker/robust rather than a big clunky NAS device.

What are my options? Is there something smarter/smaller than carrying a big 4+TB drive back and forth, and just backing that up to the NAS? Even if I did that, which tool would I use to synchronise an external device with the NAS - hopefully I can select the specific folder?

Ok, tentatively I’m going with the “USB Backup” app, and having a portable 4TB drive. So I can select the specific folder, plug the usb drive into the NAS, then it’ll automatically start backing up the video folders to the usb drive. Then I just have to get the video editing files (which don’t take up much space) to live on the portable drive and get backed up again when I plug it in

Yeah, this is my life as well (although I am more photos than video)

First, a major limitation of any “over internet” solution will be data upload speed. Sure. . .I can spend a bundle to upgrade my home internet… . .but I prefer not to.

My solution is a 1gb portable SSD drive. All recent work lives on there. If I feel the need to have “everything” with me; I drag out a 5TB usb HDD drive. That seems to do the trick. (Note: I stopped editing on the HDD drives after the silent downgrade (by all manufacturers) from CMR to SMR in 2.5" disks.

I have a folder synchronization program that I run whenever I get home/about to leave home. (called “folder match”. Simple but effective).

Can I do backup over internet? Yes. I can VPN into my home network. However; for security reasons I have banished my NAS units from the internet.

"Most installers use external data drives. After I lost the SSD card once, I realized its size was unsuitable for such a distracted person and bought myself an external hard drive. Four terabytes of memory are enough to store video fragments and finished projects. I remember when I started working in the video industry. It turned out that a good result requires the high-quality work of a Videographer, screenwriter, and director. Although thanks to some tricks, you can make the disadvantages of shooting less noticeable and focus the viewer on the most important details.

Hi. Just saw your thread and wanted to give my 2 cents. Have you considered using a cloud-based storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox? You could upload your video files to the cloud and then access them from anywhere with an internet connection. As for transferring files back and forth between your laptop and the physical device, have you thought about using a portable hard drive or USB stick? They’re smaller and more portable than a big clunky NAS device. And if you’re worried about syncing your external device with the NAS, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you with that. You might want to check out GoodSync or Resilio Sync. They both allow you to select specific folders for syncing. By the way, I came across this article with some great video editor interview questions: It might come in handy if you’re ever hiring for your team. And just a heads up, I know this is an old thread, but I hope you don’t mind reviving it.

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External data drives are used by most installers. I got an external hard drive for myself after realising that the SSD card’s size was inappropriate for someone who is easily distracted, having lost it once. You can store completed projects and video clips in four terabytes of RAM. I can still clearly recall my first job in the video sector. It turns out that the excellent work of a director, scriptwriter, and videographer is necessary for a satisfactory outcome. However, there are ways to minimise the negative aspects of filming and draw the viewer’s attention to the most crucial features.