Best way for remote access?

I intend to place my My Cloud (single drive, 1 gen, v4 software) at a friends house and use it for backup.
What is the best way to access it remotely?

I would prefer not having to use additional devices like a raspberry as a vpn server.


@Fisolle Have you read the User Manual?

If you do set it up somewhere else you can always use .

How do you intend to backup to the remote My Cloud? Using what software?

Currently the only official ways to access a remote single bay/single drive My Cloud are by using the web portal. By using the insecure FTP option. Or by using the My Cloud mobile app for Android/iOS.

While you may not prefer to use VPN. Using a VPN tunnel is often the best way to access a My Cloud as the My Cloud would be accessible to the computer just as if it was on the same local network as the My Cloud. This means various backup programs could backup to the My Cloud which cannot be done using the web portal or possibly even the insecure FTP method. The downside to VPN is one is limited by the upload/download speed at each end, and the need to setup a VPN server either via the network router (if it has a VPN option) or by a seperate VPN server device (like a Raspberry Pi, or stand alone computer) on the local network.