Best tool for Rezising Cover and Config. WD Digital TV Live Media Player

Hello, which is the best Tool for thumbnailing / rezise JPG-Files ? Also i need the best Config / Size for the Pictures at WD HD TV LIVE. My Firmware 1.0.17 … Actually my WD TV Live ist very slow with generating the covers… Thats not so funny :wink: THX

I’ve read several times that the default thumbnail size is 120x180 . This will help your 

thumbnails load faster. A good freeware program for resizing is Irfanview either as single items

or batch mode. You can get it here 

A tutorial for you.

Single resize

  • start irfanview - load an image

from menu

  • select image - select resize/resample

  • set new size width 120 height 180

  • click OK then SAVE

Batch resize

  • start irfanview

  • click file - select batch conversion/rename

  • click advanced button - set  width 120 height 180

  • click save settings - click OK

Now in batch menu again

  • select output format  (JPG)

  • select output directory

  • (top right corner) select a thumbnail directory to resize

  • click add all button - click start batch