Best skin or layout for visual issues

Hi, so I have set up a WD TV system, connected to a NAS.

I want to be able to highlight a tv show series, and see what the TV show is about, on the same page without having to go to info page.

I also want to do the same for movies.

IS this possible? ANd if it is, can somebody tell me how to do it? What skin is better etc…

Thank you :slight_smile:

default WD Mochi theme “Gallery View” shows that info … and just about every other theme

When I applied that skin and done Gallery View, I went to the NAS then folder and seen all my TV show titles in there with images, but it said Date N/A, Director N/a, Genre N/A, Actor N/A, Total Time N/A and no metadata on the show at all. The only time I seen any data, was when I got down past show, season, episode and it broke it down S1 E1 info but nothing about the actual show from the show folder.

I have used the other default skin in the past but I could not find it on that either.

right, so you want “metadata for folders” … well, WD did’nt design the firmware to display metadata for folders.

there is a trick workaround however … but, some firmwares this will work, others it won’t.

and the trick workaround is “manually done”

more info here … (click Folder Metadata trick works again)