Best Setup

I recently got a older My Cloud EX4 and I plan to use it to store media that is then mounted to a attached mac mini.
This ex4 will do nothing but store content for me. 4x4tb NAS (wd red drives). My question is, how should I configure the drives ? I would like to do this in a way that even if a drive fails, I can still just pull out a drive and add a new one without loosing any data. It was the default mode on the drobo where I did not have to select what raid mode I wanted. so I am a little lost what to pick on this one. spanning seems wrong, raid 5 or 10 seems right but I am not sure.


To get a little better understanding between RAID 5 or RAID 10, read the information from the link below. I can give you the whole information but it will be long in this post.,how%20it%20rebuilds%20the%20disks.&targetText=Compared%20to%20RAID%2010%20operations,creating%20a%20RAID%2010%20array.