Best settings for Popcorn - MKV DTS audio re-encode - and WD TV Live Plus?


In an MKV file with DTC audio, I am unable to hear anything.

So I followed advice in this forum and converted audio via Popcorn Audio Converter.

If I choose AC3, I still can not hear audio.

But if I choose AC3 Downmix to Stereo I can hear the audio.

I am also choosing to remove the DTS track during conversion, using default 448 bit rate, and Re-sample low-sample-rate audio tracks.

What are the best settings for Popcorn and still get audio out via HDMI to my TV/Stereo?

I am using the TV for sound until I can save for a nice stereo. But I would like to re-encode for future use as well.

I just got my WD TV Live Plus and it has latest FW.

I use this with Samsung plasma pn58b860.

It allows me to play more files, hear sound in certain files that the TV itself can not handle.

Also like the ability to RW a bit if I miss a bit of dialogue.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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For anyone having trouble hearing audio on MKV files, I have found 2 solutions.

(1) easiest - goto Settings > Audio & Video > Audio Output = Stereo

(2) not hard, but an extra step/time - Use Popcorn Audio Converter with settings provided in my first post

you can leave the original audio track and add a 2nd AC3 Stereo track

the advantage is you have a track with digital sound for the future

By leaving the Sound to Digital on your WD TV Live, you could hear better sound on files it does support already without downmix

tested on WD TV Live Plus, it works for me with DTS or AC3 sound (in the few files I have tested

Hope this helps somebody,


If you want to set output audio channel option to 5.1, you should choose AC3 or AAC as audio encoder.

Convert MKV DTS to AC3, convert DTS to AC3 in mkv, convert MKV with DTS sound to AC3 with 5.1 channels is so easy if you owns such a powerful MKV DTS to AC3 Converter.

Personally, I use Aunsoft MKV Converter to accomplish this MKV DTS to AC3.

This program allows to you convert any types of MKV files like MKV DTS, MKV FLAC to AC3, AAC with 5.1 channels, and still keep its good quality.

The following guide can help you out: