Best media server software?

I have been using Nero Media Home 4 for a long time with my PS3, but the WD Media Player wont see it

I enabled Media Streaming inside Windows Media Player, but its buggering something when you add three different drives to the libraries - the WD Media Player only sees the last drive added ( i have ripped my movies onto a file server)

I tried Plex over the weekend.

It works, but its too helpful

It went hunting for metadata about my movie collection

Its actually not helpful, and there’s no way to turn that off

I just want something that streams files and actually works with the WD Media Player

What do you all use that works?

Welcome to the WD Community.

At the time I’m not using any media server. From what I’ve seen on the Community, some of the users are using Plex.

Let’s see if someone is using a different one.

I haven’t used Plex, but from what I understand, it is quite versatile. My media server needs are fairly simple with weight on the music dispensing side, more than video. My needs are met by DLNA servers.

I use Twonky Media Server on my home Linux server, and used it for a number of years. Twonky Server software is available for Windows. The division that once developed Twonky and maintained an open community seems to have changed hands, closed its community board, and I’ve seen no updates for some time, so I’m not sure if there’s a future for it, but it is still available.

I bought and set up Mezzmo media server two years back for my mother’s home network. Mezzmo runs on Windows. I wanted something that I could set and forget that would run at boot up. It worked fine.

Have a mothballed PC? Vortexbox is light enough to make that old machine useful again. It is a Linux based OS specifically configured to be a media server. It’s not difficult to set up, and runs on pretty modest hardware.

I hope it helps…

Try using a windows or linux network share rather than a media server!

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smb or nfs shares is certainly best

but as for DNLA media servers

I like serviio