Best HDMI switcher to use with the Plus

Hi, everyone!

Since my Panasonic plasma TV only has 2 HDMI inputs in the back (and 1 in front) I need some advice on an HDMI switcher for my new Plus. My intention is to switch the Plus with the DVD player HDMI input. That will feed one TV HDMI input and the other will be used solely by the DirecTV DVR player.

What  brand/model does the group recommend? I don’t want to lose any picture quality, so I’d be willing to pay a little more for a quality unit.

Thanks for the help!


Because HDMI is completely digital there isn’t any way you could lose picture quality no matter what you use (IOW, if the bit gets there it gets there – unlike analog, a signal loss can only result in the picture dropping out, not degrading in quality).

It’s the same with HDMI cables – which is why the folks at Best Buy can con you into paying $80 when you only need to spend $8 (or less!) to get the same image.  So I’d shop for something that does what you want (just go to Amazon and look at their reviews for a product.  Even if you don’t buy it there it’s a good place to get information about build quality, etc., although nowadays I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t buy all their electronics from them).


You are absolutely correct. Amazon is a great place to check, as well as Monoprice.

I was hoping someone with actual hands-on use with a switch could provide a recommendation based on reliability and usability.



I’m using the Monorpice HDX-401E 4x1 switch with my Live Plus.  It works great.  The only caution is something that it mentioned in Monoprice’s writeup for the switch.  They HIGHLY recommend using 24 gauge or thicker HDMI calbes with this switch.

While I’ve foung that it’s not necessary to do so with some components (such as the origninal WDTV unit and an upconverting DVD player), it was necessary to upgrade my cables when i got my Live Plus (as well as a Sony Blu-ray player),

Once I got the recommended cables (which were only $6 each at Monoprie), both the Live Plus and Blu-ray players worked like a charm.

Here’s the URL for the switch

Try SIIG. I purchased this four switch HDMI switcher a year ago to work with my WD HD and DVD player. I configured it by running the HDMI out to my Yamaha receiver’s HDMI HDMI in switch and my Yamaha out HDMI to my television. I purchased the devise through a big box store in Indianapolis that sells everything from computers to Plasma tvs, but the name slips my mind right now. If it comes to me, I’ll send you the name of the store.