Best firmware for streaming from PC via network share

I don’t use netflix or other online services. I use my WD for straming files from my PC to my TV; mainly MKV, AVI, DVD-ISO, MP3, FLV. would 1.10.13 be the best? thanks and I realize this is a hard topic.

Before you do any updates, is good if you take a look at the release notes, you will be able to confirm if there is anything that the firmware will  make it better for you.

Version 1.10.13:   
Resolved Issues:
• Supports .aifc file types.  
• Resolved Deezer not available in all supported countries.  
• Resolved clear media library does a rescan issue.             
• Resolved media library not scanning at set intervals issue.   
• Resolved several issues with media library scanning on NAS storage.  
• Resolved TV show filter sorting issues for season folders.  
• Resolved unable to display .jfi, .jfif, .jif, and some .jpe photo files.
• Resolved FLV CODEC audio sync issue.
• Resolved unable to play ADPMC CODECS with the .WAV or .WAVE containers.  
• Resolved playback issues with videos transcoded with Handbrake version 0.9.6.
• Resolved issue OGM playback missing audio or video stream.  
• Resolved ID3 tag data not used for get content info in music.  
• Resolved Spotify View Biography missing album cover issue.  
• Resolved Spotify issue device UI will freeze when browsing artists with 100 or more albums.
• Resolved VUDU issue pressing options during video playback exits to home screen.
• Resolved VUDU issue video playback with composite video output reboots device.  
• Resolved German translation issues.  
• Resolved YouTube Leanback login credentials not saved after reboot or restarting.
• Resolved several general user interface and translation issues.
General Info:
• Note: Yota service discontinued operation as of July 1, 2012 due to the current situation in the Russian
music market.
• Note: YouTube Leanback will require login after firmware upgrade. 

If there’s anything that you need from that firmware, you can go ahead and update that

I updated my WD last night with the latest firmware.  I then watched an FLV video and the lip sync problem was still there.   This sync problem only occurs on the WD.  I rechecked the update and it said I had the latest firmware.  I converted the FLV file to mp4 and it played without sync issues.  Another problem experienced is that once I selected Options/Lip Sync, the only remote keys that would respond were the R & L arrows.  I could not get out of ‘options’ and the remote basically was unresponsive, aside from changing the delay, which does not adjust very well to begin with.  I’m not sure if the delay actually resets the audio/video tracks with each adjustment because it’s very frustrating getting the delay to sync.  I had to remove power to the WD to reset.  I repeated this several times to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke.  So please don’t sign off on this FLV sync issue being resolved.