Best File Naming format for WDTV to recognize using "Get content info'

I just bought 2 of these Live Hub boxes & am starting out. I have about 2 TB worth of media all with different naming structures. I would like to know what the best way of organizing my media in order for the Hub to pick up the “Content info” without any bother would be. 

Should I just put the name of the movie & year prehaps? Will it pick it up then or will the year cause conflict?  Right now, my movies are all named like “A.Bridge.Too.Far.1977.480p.BRRip.XviD.AC3.avi”. What I have to do is delete everything except “A.Bridge.Too.Far” in order for the WDTV to find the movie info. This is unbelieveably tedious especially when you have about 500 files to do. I would like to somehow preserve this level of detail as the I would know what is a 720p & what is a 1080p. Should I just name the folder something like “A.Bridge.Too.Far.1977.480p.BRRip.avi” & then the file “A.Bridge.Too.Far.avi”. Or, what I was thinking would be even handier, name the folder “A.Bridge.Too.Far.1977. (7.7)” where the 7.7 is the IMDB score ( I really wish there was a way to link the IMDB score to all my movies, can’t believe they waste their time with there own 5 star rating system when IMDB is so comprehensive), and then just naming the file “A.Bridge.Too.Far.avi” so as the WDTV can find the content info.

If anyone could please just let me know what works for them, I’d really appreciate it. I’d like to give these as presents, so getting it right the first time would be great!!

renaming and typing on the hub is tedious.

IMDB rating can be utilized if you use a MovieSheet template with Thumbgen. Check out the theme section for more information.

If you dont want to use Moviesheets there are non Movie Shete themes and generators.

WDTVHubGenXML Fetcher, or Thumbgen

All of the above gets done on your PC[using keyboard] and can be done before or after transferring the movie to the hub[easier before, if not already ther in my opinion]. Also no renaming needed as these tools are designed to omit certain information from teh search.

I renamed all the video files on a PC so they ONLY contained the name. Adding a year might confuse it as you probably know by now, it’s not very clever in that respect. Renaming them on a PC is considerably quicker than with the remote control.

Heh… IMHO, the rating system is COMPLETELY worthless; whether from IMDB or otherwise.

If you  have stored your movie on your system, obviosly YOU like it well enough.   Who cares what the IMDB crowd (or any other) think of the movie?

If IMDB scores 1.3 stars on a movie, does that mean YOU are never going to watch it again, but still waste space on your storage to keep it around?  


I think WD only added it because people asked for it a while back on the Live/Live+ ideas, and it was fairly easy to add.