Best External for my use

Hi All

I am looking to get an external HD with 2TB space but dont know which will be the best for what I will be using it for and was looking for help to make my decision.

I have an HD MEDIA PLAYER so the bulk of the information on the hard drive will be Movies, photos and Music which I would like to play via the MEDIA PLAYER.

So my question is which of the WD EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES will be best suited for storing and viewing of Media files through the media player.

I was looking at the ELEMENTS 2TB, MY BOOK ELITE 2TB and also the MY BOOK STUDIO 2TB (Great reviews on the net)

I appreciate all your views and info



I would suggest that before you purchase anything you check out a few posts on these forums for example this one:

and also this one here:

They may help you to make an informed decision…

I would not recomend any of the WD drives with Smartware and virtual CD. Since you inend to use it for more than backup I’d look for one that had a fan in it.


Thanks for your reply. Would you be able to suggest any external for what i will be using it for. Not very clued up on external hard drives so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Of what WD sells, the Elements Desktop seems to be the one you’re looking for.

It’s just a “Plain ol’ drive”.  It doesn’t come pre-packaged with the SmartWare VCD partition.  And it comes in 2TB.

The major difference between the Elements, the Studio and the Elite, is that the Studio and Elite have the little capacity gauge and the little name display, and come with the Smartware VCD.  For all intents and purposes, the Elements will be the same physical hard drive inside, without those things added.


Wouldn’t the elements heat up extensively. They not the most ventilated of cases from what I have seen.

I don’t know.  I only have 2 MyBook Essentials.  I’ve never encounted overheating problems with them.  And I’ve not heard of overheating problems from people using an Elements with a WDTV.

As I said, of what WD offers, the Elements seems to be your best bet.  But you could look into other brands that have forced cooling, if heating is a major concern.