Best External Drive Suggestions

Hi kids!  I own one WDTV player, and am just about to purchase a second WDTV Live player.  At the moment, we have been playing media from either a 16gig flash drive or (more recently) a 32gig SD card.  Both provide content with absolutely no problem on a 1080 widescreen monitor with beautiful results!  Recently, however, I just completed a project digitizing my DVD collection and would like to have an external drive hooked up to the newer player.  Being basically lazy, this would allow me to place a majority of the content on the hard drive and avoid actually having to leave the couch to reload the flash drive with fresh content!  :)  I have heard some gossip about the external hard drive spin speed (5400 vs 7200, etc.) and was wondering if the speed of the disk has any impact on the player’s ability to play the content without freezing, stuttering, etc.  I do have several Western Digital 2TB external hard drives (the Element ones) and think that these puppies spin at 5200.  Thanks all in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!  Cheers!

You do not have to worry about the disk rotational speed. They are all fast enough to keep up with a video stream.

Thanks much!!  We’ll hook up one of the 2TB Elements drives and call it good!