Best/Cheapest usb Wireless wifi?

Okay, so I’ve seen some usb wireless wifi thingamajigs on sale on ebay, with free shipping, for only $6 or $7. My Hub is about 25 feet away from my router though and with a wall in between, so I didn’t want to buy one and then not have it work.

I’m not a techie guy at all so I don’t know how to judge which of them would be best (eg is it really a good thing to have an antennae sticking out it or does that not matter?) and still cheap. Do any of you guys see any cheap ones on ebay or such? I don’t know what the rules are on this forum as far as linking goes, but if it’s not against the rules a link would be handy. Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

A list of compatible adapters can be found HERE.

Yes I’ve seen that list but there can be a big difference between “compatible” and  good range plus cheap. I figured some of you guys would have bought some of these already and would have recommendations. I prefer to take the advice of users’ first hand experiences. Thanks though :slight_smile:

Anybody have suggestions?

What are you planning to stream wirelessly to the Hub? I’ve yet to find any way to stream BD content (MKV rips) reliably over any kind of wireless network. If you plan on just streaming your home vids, photos, Pandora and Netflix then any compatible adapter will work. I use a D-Link dual band system so that the Hub has its own 5ghz channel to work with separate from all the other wireless traffic in the house. Seems to work well for all but the BD rips.

Router=D-Link DIR825

Bridge=D-Link DAP1522

Wireless Adapter=D-Link DWA160

The question is kind of unanswerable, though, as everyone’s wireless environment is different and a device that works well for one may not work well for another. Too many variables for there to be one clear answer.

walmart has this netgear usb wifi im currently using

so far so good