Best Backup for Mac+PC+LINUX to 8TB easystore

I have several systems MACSerria, WIN7, WIN10, Ubuntu14 to backup to my easystore drive and I am trying to navigate the best option. I plan to use the drive formatted as NTFS and access it from all the devices. The Mac can see r/w it with Paragon NTFS for Mac and the Linux PC can also.

So should I go with the WD backup software or Acronis True Image, DiskUtility or another program to save backups from all the devices.

Should I leave it as one large NTFS volume with folders for the various images or partition the drive for each OS type (which will limit volume resizing in the future).

Not a fan of leaving WD software running in the background as the HDD makes it’s rounds between machines, would prefer to run manual backups on each machine. Other programs have hiccuped in the past so I’d rather not risk an incomplete backup.

I prefer to have bootable disk images to restore from in case of a drive failure or to migrate to larger drives in the future.

Looking for best solutions and practice, it does not need to be the same program for each device.