Best app to stream music from PC to Hub?


PC is running Windows 7 and I have been using WMP until now to stream music from PC to Hub… Playing features are extremùely basic (ex : no shuffle, no possibilty to play directly a new file, any new file systematically gets enqueued, etc). I was wondering whether anybody had recommendations for another player I could run on my PC for this?



What you want to do can be successfully done with WMP, Playlists, and the Win 7 /WMP feature called “Play To”,.  But it is cumbersome; I know, because I just did it to see what would happen.   It worked, but if your music is important to you, like it is with me, then back it up onto your hub, and if you don’t have the room, get a second drive for it and attach the drive to your hub.  My entire iTunes library (over 10,000 tracks) is saved this way, and I play that “iTunes backup” using “iTunes DJ”-generated playlists on the WD player every day – in complete random order if that 's what I want to do.

I have written a lot here describing how to get the most out of iTunes and the WD player.  If you are interested, look at this Google search that combines my WD forum username and the word “iTunes” for all my messages pertaining to this topic: