Before I partition

I just bought the 5tg easystore. I am transitioning from an iMAC to a Windows laptop. If I partition my new portable drive (for Windows AND Mac)…and I save all of my files from my MAC computer…will I be able to open those files on my Windows computer?

I’ve read where partitioning drives larger than 2tb can be troublesome and I don’t want even start down that road if I won’t be able to open those MAC files on my HP laptop.

Thanks in advance!

No trouble at all … select GPT when formatting/partitioning a hard drive

Do a test … format the 5TB Easystore exFAT using GPT (GUID Partition Table) copy some files to it when finished and plug the drive in the HP Laptop.

I don’t know what “MAC” files you are talking about :neutral_face:… but if they are MAC Specific then WINDOWS probably won’t know what they are.

Format and use exFAT file system which is readable on a Mac and PC

All files eg. Videos/Music/Photo’s will be accessible on both computers (unless there files that are Mac specific, ie created by Mac software and readable on Mac only)

Great! Thank you for the advice. I’ll give it a try today.
One last question for you…do I need to format each partition (Ie…perform the formatting steps on the hp AND perform them on the Mac) and if so, does it matter if I do the exFAT formatting on my Mac first or my HP Laptop first?
((the files on the Mac I’m wanting to utilize on my laptop are NOT Mac specific. Mostly images & videos))

“each” ? … me personally, i just format the hard drive as 1 single partition

again, if it’s 1 single partition then no need to repeat the process

It shouldn’t matter … but me being a Windows user and not a Mac user, i would do it on the Windows PC then it should work on both PC/Mac

Pictures and Videos should be fine … but remember Videos have lots of different formats and codecs (eg. MKV,AVI,MP4,WMV, AVC H.264, HEVC H.265 MPEG-4 etc etc) which may work on both Win/Mac or work on one OS but not the other.