My drive has been working great since purchase.

Today though it disappeared from Finder on my Mac. When I check is I noticed the light is solid red and it’s ‘stuck’ in a cycle where it makes a sound like the drive is starting to spin and then double beeps 4 or 5 times (one low beep followed by a higher beep) and then the process starts again.

I’ve tried turning off power, plugging the power cable in somewhere else, unplugging and replugging the network cable, another network cable, plugging the network cable directly into the PC - all to no avail.

I worry my drive is done and I’ve lost all data on it.

Pls help.


Now the beeping’s stopped and I have a solid red light.

The MBL doesn’t “Beep.”

What you’re hearing is probably the head stepper trying to recover from a SERIOUS read or write error.

It’s most likely a dead drive now.

Progress overnight - I now have a solid blue light that every 10 seconds or so blinks green for just a second and then reverts to blue.

If it is not the cable and your drive gets efficient amount of power from USB port then, either heads got stuck on platters, or your drive is having problem with bearing assembly. Bearings on WD drives are solid and almost never an issue, so I’d say chances are your drive got stuck heads. Just like brakes on the car.
this video shows what is actually happening in great detail:
beeping hard drive