Beaten into Submission - Outta sight outta mind

I do have misophonia and the funny thing is that I didn’t realize I had this problem until I bought a clock for the bathroom. You would figure that in this day and age, a battery operated clock shouldn’t tick-tock but some kid designer thought “oh for nostalgia sake, lets put the tick tock back in clocks”.

Seriously there was a time when battery operated clocks doesn’t tick and I have one for proof hanging on the wall just above my computer desk.

So I was very surprised to hear my new dollar store clock ticking and I didn’t think much about it, except “oh that is neat”, until I sat on the john reading articles on the internet on my iPhone and doing my john stuff when I realize that there was this annoying ticking just above my head. I tried to continue reading but in a short while I felt my temper flaring as the hair on my neck start to rise. After john’ing… I took the clock apart in hopes that it was just a speaker that emulated the ticking to find out that all new battery clocks uses electro magnets. I do have a new silent clock mechanism coming in from eBay since I destroyed the wire coil by unwrapping it.

This brings us to WD My Clouds that has driven me bonkers for the last decade.

There was one thing that I noticed. I tend to place all my My Clouds about head height especially at my desk, the My Clouds (more than one) were sitting on the shelf at sitting height. Ahhhhhh… I thought…

So I moved all my My Clouds across the room to the bottom-most shelf behind my drums and speakers. At first I packed it in with books and you can hear this low tock resonating from the whole bookshelf, so I took out the surrounding books and you can hear the deep tocking going back to a lighter tick… tick…

I stood up and the sound was fainter…

I walked away and the sound grew fainter and fainter…

I sat at my desk… and only if I listened for the sound, it was virtually almost gone…

Well that solves that…

late last night… I turned off sleep on the device just to see if I could hear the clicks and surprisingly I could hear it, this faint click click click… but I had to listen hard.

So I’m on the fence on buying the new luxury QNAP 4-bay NAS. I really want it because on just the drives I have now I can create a 36TB raid 5 and have 24TB usable with a leftover of a 4TB pool. (2x10TB and 2x8TB). As mentioned before that it had been a dream of mine to have 20 or 30TB of NAS space as I’m a pack rat; I even have 6502 program assembler code that I wrote that runs on the Comodore Pet on my NAS.

The problem is the form factor. QNAP is still of the days when devices are carved from large blocks of granite. There is absolutely no shelf that would hold 6.65 x 6.3 x 8.62 inch QNAP in this apartment; perhaps it can sit on the corner of my desk or in the closet.

Thus WD wins by form factor alone as two My Clouds are now sitting on the bottom-most shelf that has a shelf depth of 6 inches and I can barely hear them although I know that they are chattering to each other.

I installed mine in my utility room downstairs. There is this big wire rack up near the ceiling that the previous owners installed, presumably for storing detergent and softener, but I store that elsewhere.

It makes a perfect place to put my network appliances, as I snaked a telephone drop down into the crawlspace below the floor for my antediluvian DSL modem. (the joys of living in small-town USA…) I have my wireless AC router there, as it is directly beneath my lounge room upstairs.

Needless to say, I cant hear a darn thing through the floor. It could be making popcorn in there, and I would not hear it. :stuck_out_tongue:

No downstairs here in my apartment, only broom closets and perhaps cupboards.

So far the last couple of days have been very enjoyable as I turned off the LEDs on all drives so I have no idea whether the drives are sleeping or busy with hackers. it is quiet in here.

My ears have become immune to the light clicks now and I felt that It is completely silent or the kind of silence where you hear this high pitch kind of whine silence. Perhaps It is the silence of loneliness :stuck_out_tongue: