Be Carefull Editing Home XML'S

Had a good ol tinker with the rv_home.xml and references…

Applied the Theme and the following happened:

Home screen appeared but i lost the ability to Navigate or Press any button.

After 5 seconds the Live Hub Rebooted itself, and then proceeded to keep rebooting itself  to the faulty theme i created.

I could not delete the Theme, as the Live Hub rebooted itself before a network connection could be established.

Tried reflashing the Firmware (using the .ver trick) … nope, didnt work.

When the Live Hub rebooted to Home Screen, i tried pressing the “SETUP” button on the remote… nope,didnt work.

Decided to keep pressing the “SETUP” button numerous times very Quickly as the box was rebooting itself.

Hallelujah !!!   The Setup screen appeared and i was able to apply the “Default Mochi Theme.”

All working OK again.  phew !

In closing, it was my fault and can only blame myself… gonna be a bit more careful in future.

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i also got the same problem as you once!

where i forgot to close an xml tag properly.

I got very scared when the hub was rebooting infinitely.

So i did a couple of reset and it went fine.

A theme simulator would be much appreciated :s

Good to know. I suggest the developers put a fallback for exceptions encountered so it  automatically loads its default theme and displays a message on the screen to the effect of “A problem was encountered processing a user theme. The default has been automatically loaded.”

I suggest this because Theming is a powerful and compelling feature of the device and regardless of expertise of the user (career engineer or hardly knows a thing about computers) mistakes always occur. Having the device stuck in a choke cycle is bad. Obviously an emergency would be to factory reset the device but from a development perspective it should be very easy for them to catch a parse error and just load the default instead.

nice  idea Ironspice…

Post it in live hub ideas section

Happened to me a few times.

If your quick, it does appear on the network just before rebooting again.

So you should be able to copy the corrected xml file over the network, and just keep clicking retry until its on the network.

Worked for me every time.

what you can do before loading the modified xmls on the hub,

it to open it first ony any internet browsers.

So, if the’re are errors in it, the location of the error will be displayed! :wink: