BBC Iplayr for WD TV Live

I have just read in the Home Cinema magazine’s review of the Live Hub, that the BBC Iplayer will soon be available in a future upgrade.

Have yo a date for this?

Apparently you now know more than us!  :)

No, no dates announced.  (WD doesn’t announce future things…  The official knowledge of it will be the day the firmware becomes available.)

The review of the Hub was in this months Home Cinema magazine.

I already paid my money to Chevy for a 2009 Silverado… Why wont the turn it into a 2011 model? Dang GM…

Hheee hee…

A moderator deleted the post above mine…   Makes mine complete nonsense…  ;)

Has any body else noticed that on the current firmware if you go to the dashboard iplayer is listed?

It’s not in the services section and if you select it nothing happens but it’s listed.  Does that mean it’s on it’s way?

This is very interesting - are you able to post a pic?

Are you talking about the HUB or the LIVE?    

Sorry talking about the Hub.

Hey  tim6661234, can you post a picture of this, in the general forum from the WD TV Live Hub?

Will do.  Just checked my dads hub but it’s no in there.  Very strange.

I’ll create a post under the Live hub section and put a link here

iplayer image as requsted this is the new post with the image of iplayer.