Bad superblock in My Cloud partition 4

Hi, after a couple of years of not using my My Cloud, I have now found I can’t access it via apps, logins, etc. Being happy enough to get rid of the NAS, all I want to do is copy off the data from the Ext4 partition.

As per other threads on the topic, I have opened the case, removed the drive, created a Ubuntu boot USB, and partition 4 won’t mount as a drive.

I have looked at this also using the Paragon software from within Windows, and when running the ‘verify’ tool I get a message about the superblock? being corrupted.

Has anyone found this problem before, and can anyone give advice to a non-Linux user on how to recover the partition, superblock, etc so it can be accessed?

At this stage all I want it to extract .jpeg files from the drive and happy to never see the WD drive or NAS again! The ongoing happiness of my marriage may rest on the outcome of this! :slight_smile:

One may need to repair the partition. One possible way to repair a partition is to use Linux’s e2fsck. One can use their favorite search engine to find how-too articles. For example: