Bad spanish interface using on and off (translating)

I will trie to explain in english.

The new firmware from the WD configuration whe you insert in your browser the IP ie: You arrive to a configuration page. Ok.

In spanish new version, all the switches “On” or “Off”, are translated by the verb “Activar” o “Desactivar”.

This must be changed by “Activado” o “Desactivado”.

Because is very confussing and spanish we don’t understand if it is activate or you should switch to activate.

The late version was more clear.

Perhaps if you only put down a “I” and a “O”, is more clear also.

Of course when you activate is coming blue, but it is still confuse that the verb “Activar” still present.

OK, that’s all. I think this will be easy to spanish users.

Best regards

You should post your suggestion to the Cloud Ideas thread where others have posted suggestions/fixes.


Si, la traduccion no es la mejor, pero, este es un “Forum”, forums son para que usuarios como tu y yo, nos ayudemos unos a otros a resolver problemas.

Tu sugerencia deberia estar en “Software & Apps Ideas”.

Yes, translation is not the best, but this is a forum, which is end-user to end-user assistance.
Please submit your request in “Software & Apps Ideas”.

Esta incidencia está ya reportada al departamento adecuado. Por desgracia no llegó a tiempo para el último firmware pero confío en que esté resuelto en la próxima actualización.