Bad Sectors - Account Locked

I’ve got a drive that is still under warranty that just turned up bad sectors. I went to start the RMA but I can’t login to my account because it is inactive. Same email that I have registed to this account.

Hi @dustinbrooks
To activate RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), please log into WD Support Portal. You can refer to the link for account activation. Please keep the backup of your data if you want to replace the hard drive. As you said, you identified the bad sector in the hard drive you can not back up the complete data, but at least you can save 70% of your data.

All the best !!

I can’t login because my account is currently marked as inactive. So I can’t start the RMA process. I was hoping someone at WD would be able to unlock it/make it active, I’ve already emailed support and haven’t heard anything.

I’ve had the same issue. Have you found a resolve. WD was silent on my previous email. I’m stymied.

I had to call WD support and just get someone on the line. They were able to reset my user and I was able to login and proceed with my RMA that way.

Yes, I ended up doing the same thing.