Bad blocks caviar black

Hello. I’m having problems with my Caviar Black wd1002faex. (1 year of use)

It started with problems while loading windows and initializing.

I run the WD program for Diagnostics (Extended), took me more then 10hours, and didn’t finish. A error message saying “Could not finish the test, too many bad blocks detected” appeared.

It’s imposible to access it. Should I try the Writing Zeros mode, or begin the RMA process?

Thanks in advance for any help.

(Sorry about my english)

I would request an RMA; why chance it with a known bad drive?

RMA as soon as possible as waiting just eats up warranty time on the refurbished replacement.

Thanks for your help, “theotherguy”,  I will follow your advice.

RoloX2, I appreciate your answer, thank you.