Backups dissapeared

I had a pc fail and replaced some hardware to repair it. Went to do a full restore using usb key which repeatedly failed as upon reboot of the pc it would not find bootloader.  Installed win7 and then the connector which told me another pc of that name existed, (so far so good, right?).  Upon opening the dashboard it showed the pc and no backups.  I have looked at the files on the dx4000 and there are seemingly backups, but they don’t appear in the dashboard.  Anyone, any ideas?  I thank you in advance for any help possible…

Was the original PC XP?  Dell perhaps?  On Dell XP boxes it was bad to restore only the system and not the hidden partition.  So it was trying to boot from one and it should now be 0  Had to edit boot.ini

anyway’s look at the bottom cof the computers page.  Should have PC’s at the top, then the server.  Below that it says archived.  Expand that and see if the computer is under there.

No computers show backups, or just this one?

Oh, what hardware was replaced?  If it  was the MB it probably was/is the setting in BIOS for IDE / AHCI

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Really weird. They now show up.  Gramps you are correct that I have replaced the mobo, but I have been running raided ssd’s and of course the raid controller is different on this mobo. I still have the problem of wanting a full restore of the c:\ drive. The connector, and with your help on the uEFI hotfix, now shows the backups that mysteriously dissappeared before.  Now I just need to figure out how to get a Full Restore onto this system…        I really appreciate any and all help!

Is the original box win 7?  I have yet to figure out how to do a repair install myself.  XP did fine and win8 just magicaly works with new hardware.  But 7 ??

I did it once, but it was hard and too long ago to remember exactly.  My original box required raid drivers.  The new one had windows drivers built in, but was trying to use the old ones.  Somehow I opened the registry and changed a key

See if you get any ideas here.  Now that I read a bit, I may have usered BartPE to edit the registry

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Gramps, thank you for the follow up.  The restore process actually completes when provided the correct raid and nic drivers, but it would seem that the boot manager is either damaged in the process or does not like the new environment it is in.  This is where the frustration level goes up a notch.  I have to wait to the very end of the restore process to find out if it worked or failed.   Grrrrr!    I will give this some more thought and if worse case happens, I can at least restore the individual files and reinstall programs on a fresh install of win7.  Although I’m not happy with WD touting bare metal install and recovery when there are so many possible issues as i am finding out.  I think I wasted a grand on something Arcronis could do for considerably less money and less headache.   If i find resolve to this I will post back, but if not let’s just call it closed.

Thank you again for your help in this issue.

It is not the restore process that is broke, it is WIn7 itself.  You are laying down an image that wants to boot from Raid (A) but your box now has Raid (B).

It puts an entire image down.  Different from install where it tries to figure out what drivers it needs.  Even in the restore process if you have to add drivers to see the raid, once it reboots the drivers are not “installed” to boot from.

It does do BMR, but not to different hardware.  Now if you have or know someone who has a copy of Shadow Protect it has a feature/function Independant hardware repair or whatever it is called.  You run it after the restore and it will actually inject the needed drivers.

I have no clue if Acronis will do this.  So after it is restored with the DX you could run the shadow protect and insert the drivers

This list Acronis and a bunch of others

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Again, thank you for the help Gramps. It is very appreciated.  As for the link to the software, I already own Arcronis and jumped to the WD solution as it seemed a no brainer to keep the backups up to date.  In dealing with other pc’s and restoring them after catastrophic failure, the term “bare metal” has always meant hardware independent.  My bad for not reading the fine print.  So from here on in, I will use Arcronis and push the backup into the shared folders on the dx4000. 

Thank you for all the assistance today and I’m happy to know that people like you are around to help.

Again, please dont blame WD  LOL  It is Microsoft software on wd hardware.  It is the software that is lacking.

Like I said with shadow protect you can run the HIR standalone.  No clue if you could restore with MS and then run the acronis against it  And it is just pretty much win 7 that is such a pain.  XP just do a repair install and Win 8 says wait, installing new stuff, reboots and works

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend

No blame going anywhere. There are many good reasons to have the WD and I really could be in a worse position than I am. 

I am restoring “files” as I write this and even though there is some pain in the bum work to be done, it will all be good when its done.

Gramps, thank you again. I am going to have a beautiful weekend and wish you the same.  :slight_smile: