Backup via FTP to Mybook - Missing "chmod, chown" skyrockets operating time


I successfully installed a RTRR (Real-time Remote Replication) via FTP from my QNAP NAS to my WD-Mybook NAS every night. It works quite well.

My only problem is, that the job always copies ALL files, which takes a lot of time, instead of copying ONLY the CHANGED files.

The QNAP says, that is needs “chmod” and “chown” to be performed to be able to determine, whether a file has changed (and therefore must be copied) or NOT.

2012/12/04   17:06:45   Destination does not support changing file mode!
2012/12/04   17:06:45   Destination does not support changing file owner!

I dont know what to do. 


Hi, if you are backing up your files locally you might want to use Smartware, it will only backup the new and edited files.

Short of modifying the FTP server config on the MBL, there’s nothing you can do if you must use FTP…


I would modify the FTP server or its configuration, if there is a chance that it will work.

But I do not know enough Linux. I would need a detailed description what to do.

(However I do know how to log in via SSH with WinSCP.)



The MBL uses vsftpd, so you could start with looking at the documentation for that.

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Well then,

I am not very skilled in rights management, but I will try to figure it out. (Might take a while.)

Thanks so far.



P.S. If I found a working solution, I will let you know.


Have you found a solution? I have the same problem with QNAP -> MBL RTRR backup via ftp. I did not make any experiments so far, but I think we should play with


in vsftpd.conf file.