Backup to remote My cloud


I’ve just bougth a 2T MyCloud storage device with the purpose to use it as a remote backup device. I’ve installed the device at my families home and configured it for remote access. I’m able to access it from my own house and copy files to it. I’ve installed SmartWhare on a Windows 7 machine to make the actual backups. However Smartware does not see the device as a backup target, neither do I see a way to tell smartware where my remote storage device is.

Anyone an idea how to configure my computer/smartwhare/mycloud to make this happen.



I don’t believe smartware supports this

you can try using a windows batch file with a drive mapped from the site. I have not tried this from a batch file however I have had a lot of issues with large ( >250MB) files in file explorer hanging the process

do you have enough upload banwidth to be practical?

thanks for your reply. Pitty that SmartWare does not support this. Seems to me a very common use case for such a drive and backup software. This would be a product dissapointment.

However, when having a drive mapped, I;m thinking of using syncbackfree. That will do the job.

I can establish a mapped driver via the wd2go web site an loging. Is there also a way to automatically establish such a drive mapping at startup of the computer?

thanks in advance