Backup tasks with CCC, Acronis Mac users

I tried the 2 most used apps for backing up specific folders which i usually edit etc.
The purpose of this backup should be a automated once in a week backup process task.

Both apps, CCC or Acronis failed to backup into my own WD Cloud Folder (where are my files are stored), the only possible way is, to backup into a shared folder where the timemachine backups are stored… “I also don’t understand the reason why TM backups are stored in shared folders anyways!”
The problem is; everyone in the same network have access to my backup and i can only access this backup locally.

Does anyone have any other methods to automated backup tasks with specific folders into the WD My Cloud Home device? İ’m really getting sick of this device you cant do anything with it!

Hi sukru.demir,

My Cloud Home TimeMachineBackup is a local area network (LAN) public share and cannot be accessed using the web, mobile or desktop app. Only Account User shares are seen in the Web and Mobile app. We recommend Mac Time Machine, a built-in utility within macOS, to backup files onto an external or network drive. You can refer below article to back up your Mac on My Cloud Home using Mac Time Machine.