Backup Synology NAS to WD Cloud EX2 Ultra

I want to backup data from a Synology NAS to the WD NAS EX2 Ultra HyperBackup. Can you provide instructions on how I would do this?

copy the files across the network, slow but it works

I want to use HyperBackup to do the backup.

easier to windows explorer

Windows file explorer is NOT the right answer.
This would mean the operation would be controlled by the PC - - -which is ties up the machine. And it will be dreadfully slow unless the PC is wired into the network.

The Snynology DSM File Station program would give you full drag&drop functionality - - - -and can do the activity independent of the windows PC. (you can close the browser window once the transfer starts)

I have not messed around with hyper backup; but doesn’t it give you an option to save to another network address? Can’t you point the program to the WD NAS? The backup wizard of Hyper backup will give a choice to “Remote NAS Device”. From there, you can fill in the IP address or device name, the share you are transfering to, and the relevant directory

copying files does not bog down a machine, i an play games while a copy task runs

ok - then use explorer. :slight_smile:

I mean; I use the File explorer all the time with the WD NAS. It does work

Using DSM File manager will spoil you, however.

A possible answer is found, using the site search feature, in the correct subforum (OS5 WD My Cloud EX Series) for your My Cloud device:

Once rsync is configured on the My Cloud EX2 Ultra one could try to use the Synology Hyperbackup Rsync option to try and sync or copy from the Synology to the My Cloud.

Other discussions on copying from Synology to a My Cloud:

I’m a newbie regarding NAS’s beyond the basic setup & use. In the links, it says to create a file in order to allow Rsync on the WD EX2. But it doesn’t say “how” to create the file & load it onto the WD EX2. Also I am unable to locate the USB Backups app. Where do you get it, & how is it installed on the WD EX2.

Apologizee’s, just found the USB Backups app.

I installed the Rsync Server (3.2.3) App, but it will not save the “grant access” changes I made to the folder I want for the location for my backups to go to. When I go back to check to make sure the change has stuck, it reverts to the top shared folder in my list. I have done this multiple times.