Backup storage details don't match PC?

Hi everyone.
When I look at WD Smartware Backup, it’s only showing 1.9GB of Docs, 43GB of Pics and 65GB of music.
My PC is showing Docs: 51GB, Pics: 57GB and there isn’t any music at all!
It’s set to continuous backup.

I’ve looked at the help FAQ sections but can’t see how to start again from fresh.

Any ideas?


Hi Wander ,

According to your posts, you meant that there is no music in your PC but still under WD Smartware.swstor folder, you can see Music: 65 Gb . Is that so ?

Hi Peter

Yes, correct, along with the other anomalies mentioned.



Hey Wander ,

It seems that it might be the old backup or you can unistall WD Smartware and reinstall it. Moreover, you can delete or move that music folder to any other location. Again start backup using smart ware and check if the music folder will appear or not.


Thanks Peter

That’s what I’ve been struggling with, knowing the best way to get Smartware to “look again”. It’s set to continuous back-up so I’m surprised there’s an old one there.

Is the best way to start afresh to uninstall Smartware, or to force a “Full factory restore” through the MyCloud settings?


Hi Wander ,

So for the drive fresh start would be doing a Full Factory Reset. It would erase all the data, users, shares etc. from the device. Make sure you have a backup of the My Cloud to some different location.

Ok, thanks for your help Peter.

Hi again Peter
I’ve done a full reset and am in the process of setting the MyCloud up again.
Even before I start syncing WD Smartware still isn’t showing the correct amounts of data on my PC.
Please see the attached screenshot. In particular there’s a large discrepancy between “Docs”.

Kind regards


Hey Wander,

Your FOLDERS Videos, Documents and Pictures have 57.3, 51 and 57.6 GB respectively, but what kind of files you have inside them? The wd app will scan for type of files, it doesn’t matter what name you put on the folder. I mean for example, if you have a bunch of mp3 files inside your documents folder (or an audio library), wd app will scan and show them as music, not as documents.

The same happens to me, I have a lot of videos inside my photos folder, the app will scan and show them as movies, not as photos. So my folder called “photos” will have a different size than the photos category in the wd app.

Thanks for that Pemametal

I can completely understand that for, as you say, videos in your pics folder.

My worry is more the massive discrepancy between documents; 51GB vs 1.8ish! I wonder where there’s a list of what’s counted as a “document”?

All the best.

I can see that the biggest discrepancy is is the documents and videos. It seems like almost all your content inside “documents” is being counted as movies. What files do you have inside documents folder? Do you have any app library?

I think it probably counts as documents only files like word, excel, powerpoint, pdfs.