Backup stops "with file not found message" - Files are there. Stalls entire backup


About a week ago I checked WD Smartware to make sure everything was still backing up OK. Discovered it was not. On my P drive, that contains all my digital photographs it was listing files that it could not back up. On clicking list of files I have the following message “The system cannot find the file specified”. And it has not just stopped on those files, a lot of the backup was missing.

Story so far.

I’ve tried twice now to redo the backup, deleting user / share and recreating. But the same thing happens on exactly the same files. I’ve rebooted (many times) the My Cloud EX2 Ultra and computer I am trying to backup.

The last time: I set it up yesterday at lunch time, once again deleting user and share point and recreated brand new ones, setup the directories I wanted backing up. Rebooted PC and Mycloud. Walked away from the computer and did not touch it. This morning when I checked exactly the same messages were waiting for me. Clicking “Retry Now” does nothing.

I have to be able to trust my backups, this has me worried (very) in case it has missed other files on other drives totally.

Here is a screen shot showing all the relevant windows.

This trust issue is why I don’t use any WD backup or sync software; it simply doesn’t seem reliable.

There are plenty of free backup solutions available. I use FreeFileSync.

It’s also a nonsensical message. How does software that originally “found the file” manage to “loose” the file!

Since writing the original message I’ve run a “Disk Check” to make sure that’s OK, no issues.

Looking at FreeFileSync now. If I don’t get a reasonable answer from WD in a couple of days, I’ll probably go with that. Annoying (read unforgivable) that WD has these types of issues, as you just have to trust the backup software.

If you need a more full fledged backup program there are a number of free backup programs, some of which may include the option to build an emergency boot CD/USB for restoring the backup. Here are a few free programs, there are others.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free:
Macrium Reflect Free:
Paragon Backup and Recovery 14 Free:

@NIGEL_AVES Have you asked your question in this forum?


I wrote it here as the issue seems to be with Smartware.

I’ll copy it across.