Backup stalled

Backed up files to one share yesterday ok.  Second backup however appeared to have stalled by end of the day.  Still said ‘Copying files’ but both the Data Backed Up and Files Not Backed Up numbers weren’t chnaging.  Started up system today and started the backup goung again,  Still have the same issue ie Smartware says files are being copied but nothing is happening.  Still have Data Backed up and Files not backed up numbers the same!  The Copying Files indicator is just over half complete but dont know if  this means the backup is half done.  The size of the Data Backed up and Files not backed up numbers add up to around 39GB and this is the number showing on the Home page against my laptop drive. How do I complete the backup?  I have tried restarting Smartware and also switching the drive off and back on again.  Nothing helps!

Try comparing the data for backup and data backed up on the backup tab

the numbers will be similar if the backup is done

what smartware version do you have?

Backup completed eventually!  Ended up rebootimng the drive and that appeared to ‘kickstart’ it somehow.  Did have a minor wobble when I logged on yesterday and found that the number of files not backed up had actually increased by 300 or so.  These additional files had been backed up previously and had not been amended but somehow were flagged to be backed up again on the basis that there was an ‘invalid network path’.  The network path in question was to several folders on my laptop hard drive which were perfectly accessible through Win 7 Explorer.  I am using Smartware 1.6.4 by the way. 

So everything resolved now but leaves me a little uncertain about why the drive and software works the way it does!