Backup some folders to a cloud storage provider

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has all their photos nicely stored and backed up on MyCloud EX2.  I now want to backup my 60GB os shared photos to onedrive or google drive or somewhere where it’s synced, offsite and in the cloud.


Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I have not tried this but there are some cloud services available on the backup section. Perhaps another user can share some tips and information on this matter.

As far as Onedrive is concerned, I believe there is no way of doing this directly (NAS to Onedrive cloud storage), i.e. without passing through a third party (PC, MAC or whatever) that would act as syncing party.

there is an app in the work that helps Linux to sync with Onedrive, it is called “onedrive-d”, but Mycloud Ex2 runs Busybox, and - to my little knowledge - it is almost impossible to install any application, if not through the dedicated “App” page on the dashboard.

I would be interested, tho, in this kind of set-up… if someone looks into onedrive-d and finds a way to run it on EX2…