Backup solution for Intel Mac

I have a Intel based iMac.  Snow Leopard  It has a 500 GB internal.

I also have a 500 GB external


I would like to buy a 2 TB mirrored external to store and  backup my image files.

It would need to be configured to RAID1. Is there anyway to incorporate my

existing 500GB external into the mix?

Also I have been reading about problems with Intel based Macs and My Book Studio ll

externals.  Could someone elaborate on that as that seems to be a good system but

for me–maybe not?

Thanks for any and all advise. 

Lowell R Olson

Well haven’t read about such problems

but consider this one

the 500 GB external drive will work if you daisy chain to the MB Thunderbolt 

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Never heard of issues with Intel Macs and My Book Studio II.  The best solution will be a Thunderbolt Duo, can be used with Time Machine or with the backup software of your preference.  Confirm if your iMac has a Thunderbolt port.  Also the Thunderbolt cable is sold separately.