Backup Software for Essential device

I have an Essential 2TB External backup device. I want to backup my entire Windows 8.1 tower. The software that came with the device is called WD Backup but all it wants to do is backup to Dropbox and doesnt see the tower’s hard drive. Windows 8.1 doesnt have a native backup target software included.

My question is, what software from WD should I be using for the Essential Device to do a complete backup?

Thank you,

Hi B60boy,

Please provide us the Model Number of the drive so that we can let you know that which software is supported by that drive.

Doug Walsh

Hi B60boy,

Unfortunately, no WD Backup software is supported by this drive. So you have to use the File History backup in order to create the backup of your computer to the WD Drive.

You should refer to the link given below for instructions.