Backup snapshots on SmartDrive


I have installed WD SmartWare 2.4.11 on my computer and using My Passport Ultra as external target backup drive and I’d like to take a snapshot of the actual data on my computer from time to time. I am not interested in keeping a copy of the files I delete/move on the source computer.

With the actual v. 2.4.11 I have performed the first backup.

In a natural course of operations, I have created&deleted a few files, moved files and folders elsewhere, etc. and my aim is, if a fault happens on my computer’s hard disk, to be able to restore the files as they were before the fault.

Unfortunately what I have noticed is that, if I select “retrieve all files” tab on smartware, all the deleted and moved files are being copied as well.

If I select “retrieve some files”, I can see the deleted files/folders crossed-out or greyed out. This way I could select what files to retrieve (ie all the ones *not* greyed or crossed out) in order to restore the . But this is an endless process, as I should go through all the folders.

I understand there is no way to do that, so I am suggesting a new feature to SmartDrive.


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Idea submitted for voting.


it’s me again.

In order to implement this feature, there is nothing to change on the backup tab and process. It can still store on the destination drive all files (deleted/moved/changed).

Probably the easiest way to implement it could be to add a further checkbox called “retrieve last backup snapshot” (besides “retrieve all files” and "retrieve some files"on the Retrieve tab.

The software could just  parse the most recent backup and simply ignore all the files who have been deleted/moved/changed  (BTW the software already knows it in the current version as when you select “retrieve some files” and go through the folders you are actually shown which ones have been cancelled (by cross-out)/deleted (by grey out) and modified (by a checkbox with version number). So it’s just a matter of making it automatic.

This feature would add a great benefit for people, like me, who want to be able to restore the same files present before a hard disk failure or file system corruption, using last *manually* taken backup.


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Seriously? What you suggested is so obvious i was sure they had it.
I am trying to retrieve files to a new computer after my old one died. I have to sort my way through a pile of files most of which were deleted from my old computer. that is so stupid of WD i’m shocked.

Hi Ayal,

yes I am serious!

I have highlighted this missing basic functionality 7 months ago, and suggested a way to implement it, all very simple! It looks like it has been submitted for vote to trigger a feature request but didn’t hear anything since. I have downloaded all the recent updates but the functionality is still not there :-(.

Almost all standalone file sync programs have this functionality available (it’s called mirroring) and I’d say is fundamental as unfortunately you have experienced now after your computer died.

Can you please WD provide an update on this matter?